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About Me

Simon Lewington
Previous Clients

Ever since I was young, I've always been interested in performing; whether it was singing, acting or telling jokes. I remember going out for a meal with my mates when I was younger, one particular mate would say "You order, you're the one with the voice".

Being a bit of a nerd, I started my own tech business at 21, fast forward 30 years, tech company sold and I jumped straight back into performing and I'm loving it!

The good news for anyone paying for my services, I come with a full set of business skills including common sense, enthusiasm, professionalism and discipline.


Whether you hire me for a commercial, video, audio book or video game I come with the complete commitment and discipline to make your project the very best I can, giving you 100% of my time and effort. All recordings take place in my professional home studio, you can hear a sample of my voice only, with no background music in my Voice Reels. It's titled Basic Studio Voice Reel.

My spotlight profile link is here.

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